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We visit a slum in Kolkata regularly and visit families and hear their stories. Being with them and listening to their stories gives them an opportunity to get relieved from their tensions and we do awareness in many areas of their lives and give them other emotional strength by encouraging them and guiding them to different areas of growth.

We also want to establish few projects for the women in the slum.

  1. Tailoring unit.
  2. Women’s sanitation project.
  3. Beautician course and start beauty clinics.  And many more.

Many men do not have work in the community. Many young people are addicted to drugs, alcohol and many other abusive lifestyle. Thus making them irresponsible and leading a life of hatred and separation from their own family,  leading to live on streets and engage in illegal activities. Therefore we want to engage them by teaching life skills to improve their livelihood.


We meet with —- children two times a week and all of them are from the slum. We encourage them to go to school and also provide a small scholarship for their education.   We are targeting 20 -30 children in the beginning in the age group of 3 to 15yrs from around 20 or more than 20 families living from the slum. Some of the activities we do for them are given below:-

  1. Teaching English
  2. Games and activities for their mind
  3. Drawing classes time to time.
  4. Value education
  5. Stories with good morals Etc.

This project will provide alternative livelihoods skills training for young boys  to improve their income. The project advocates extending training for upgrading skills and sustainable employment for young boys through giving them driving lessons. There is a need to provide awareness and financial responsibilities so they can become successful bread winners for their families and be a responsible citizen.  


All the received funds go directly to whatever it is designated to.  We recieve monthly, yearly and one time donations. Please contact us if you feel to give to any of our projects or to us personally.


Be a messanger and get the word out into your community and in your circle of friends and family. You can do this by forwarding our newsletter, handing out our flyers or verbally telling others about Refine in your communities. Also, look us up on Facebook and share it with others. Please don’t be hesitant to contact us anytime to get our brochure. 


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Refine is a project of Youth With A Mission. It's a project that serves the community with its passion and skill set.