Child Development

Child Development

Child Development

In slums, children often times, don’t get a basic training in hygiene, health and because of poverty, many can’t afford education. If a child remains uneducated, it cripples their futures and the futures of their families, even generationally! In India, 20% of children don’t make it to 5th grade because of poverty or poor discipline. By 10th grade, 60% of kids drop out of school. Any child from a poor community, is highly esteemed if they finish grade 12, but the dream of continuing in their education on to college is snuffed out because of poverty. These statistics are shocking and a huge hinderance to the advancement of society in India. 

We are moved by this need and endeavor to respond in a way that empowers children to complete their education and give them a better chance at life. 

1. We assist in supplying basic school supplies: backpacks, pencil boxes, school uniforms including shoes and socks, water bottles and lunch boxes.

2. We sponsor monthly tuition fees and other fees for their studies.

3. We provide a space to learn and study along with free English classes

4. We give Basic healthcare services to empower good health

5. We motivate parents to help children with their homework and training parents in healthy parenting skills.